Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sean and Alan Talk With Rudy Giuliani After GOP Debate

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Mr. Mayor I know you are getting set up here. We just replayed the line that you gave to Ron Paul and his statement. You were indignant.

RUDY GIULIANI: It was sincere and it came from the heart. I mean, it reminded me of the Saudi prince who gave me the $10 million. He did the same thing. This is America's fault. The way America has outraged the world.

Look, it's real simple what happened. These people came here and killed us because of our freedom of religion, because of our freedom for women, because they hate us. And all we have to do is look at last week and these people in Fort Dix who are still here planning to kill us, three of them illegal immigrants, the other three here in other ways.

But the reality is, if you are confused about this, I think you put our country in much greater jeopardy. The reality is, these people are planning to kill us because, and this is hard for people to recognize, I usually hear this on the Democratic side. Don't usually hear it on the Republican side. You have got to face reality. If you can't face reality, you can't lead.

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