Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's the economy, stupid, Part II

Giuliani 2008 commentary:

Do you remember, "It's the economy, stupid?" (Clinton) Do you remember "This is the worst economy since Hoover?" (Kerry)

Well, the Hillary Democrats are back with: "It's the economy, stupid, Part II."

Witness the front page headline of today's (Dec. 4) Wall Street Journal: "Economy Moves To Fore as Issue For 2008 Voters." We quickly find the money quote from the usual Clinton apologist.

"The middle class already is suffering from falling real incomes, even before this new economic slowdown. This slowdown suggests the economy, once again, will be the No. 1 issue in 2008." - investment banker Roger Altman.

Here we have highly paid Roger Altman lying and confusing the American public. First of all, there is no slowdown. The economy grew at a 4.9% GDP clip in the third quarter of this year. Secondly, the average American voter couldn't define an economic slowdown or an economic recession if their lives depended on it. Lastly, we will soon see this "economic slowdown" talk morph itself into "economic recession" language very quickly whether we are officially in an economic recession or not. It won't matter. If highly paid investment banker Roger Altman - a former United States Deputy Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton - says there are economic problems, he's got to know what he is talking about. Correct?

It's the economy, stupid, Part II.

Get used to it. In this case - you're the stupid one if you believe it.

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