Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kansas Voters Like Republicans Rather than Hillary

Kansas Voters Prefer GOP Contenders to Clinton
Rasmussen Reports | Scott Rasmussen

In 2004, President Bush won the Electoral College votes from Kansas with 62% of the popular vote. The latest telephone survey from Rasmussen Reports suggests that Kansas is likely to stay in the Republican column during Election 2008 as well. Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential bid attracts no more than 38% support in Kansas when matched against any of four leading Republican Presidential candidates.

Arizona Senator John McCain leads Clinton by 23 percentage points, 55% to 32%. Rudy Giuliani leads Clinton by thirteen points (49% to 36%), Mitt Romney leads the former First Lady by twelve (47% to 35%) and Mike Huckabee leads Clinton by nine (47% to 38%).

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