Thursday, February 08, 2007

Congresswoman Candice Miller Endorses Mayor Rudy Giuliani

New York, Feb 8 - “Today I’m announcing my endorsement for Rudy Giuliani for President of the United States. I really have taken a lot of time and really thought about who I would be supporting and working for during this presidential campaign because of course I think the issues and the challenges that are facing our nation so very, very intense, so incredibly intense. I have spoken with all the major candidates, I have carefully evaluated their positions, I’ve looked very carefully at how their stance on various issues, maybe areas where I agree with them or in some cases of course where there might be some divisions that might be a bit different from mine. But most importantly I have tried to evaluate their readiness. And I use that phrase, I really believe that evaluate their readiness to handle the awesome responsibilities of the presidency. And I say that because, you know, really no one knows what exact challenges or events the next president will face, but we all know that something, perhaps beyond our ability almost to comprehend, could happen and we know that just because of the way that the world is now. So I think at the heart of it for me, I’ve been trying to decide which of the candidates in my mind possess the strengths to make the right decision and to do so under the worst possible scenario, and principally based on that criteria I’ve come to the very certain conclusion that the individual best prepared to lead America is Rudy Giuliani.”

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