Monday, February 26, 2007

Giuliani Has Uniquely Broad Based Political Appeal

Clinton's popularity concentrated with Democrats

by Lydia Saad


PRINCETON, NJ -- Recent USA Today/Gallup presidential heats measures indicate the 2008 election is not going to be easy for either party. Various pairings of the leading Republican and Democratic contenders generally result in extremely close races. If such early indications are correct, to win, the candidates may need to maximize their support from all sides: their political base, political independents, and even members of the opposing party.


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Kevin Price said...

I discuss Giuliani at Bottom line, although he is very attractive on many fronts and has moved steadily to the right for years, he will not get the necessary conservative base support in the November elections. He could get the nomination, but he won't win the big dance. That's my opinion at least. I appreciate your blog.