Friday, February 16, 2007

Conversation about Giuliani

One of the best political minds in the business, Robert Novak has this take on Rudy Giuliani:

"Giuliani is often dismissed because of his social liberalism...But as Rudy courts conservatives, more than a few are willing to overlook his social liberalism and embrace his candidacy. The former New York City mayor tries to show that pro-lifers would probably see little difference between him and George W. Bush in terms of the kind of judges he would appoint, and he gives a soft sell to his support for gun control, arguing that New York was impossible to control without it. Throw in that Rudy is tough on terror and could be the most electable, and the conservative case for him is at least serious. The questions surrounding Rudy are first, whether enough conservatives can be sold on a pro-choice, pro-gun control candidate, and second, whether his meanness and his tumultuous personal life are too much for any presidential candidate to overcome."

CBN article

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