Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rudy on Vitter, McCain

From NBC's Carrie Dann
In a press avail after his morning speech in Concord, NH, Giuliani took questions about John McCain's seemingly imploding campaign -- and also about Sen. David Vitter, who has endorsed Giuliani, but who has now admitted to being on a DC Madam's phone list.

On Vitter, Giuliani mostly dodged and said that he hasn't talked to the senator yet. He emphasized "this is a personal issue" and highlighted that he couldn't have achieved so much in the campaign and during his years as mayor without the good character of his staffers and supporters. "But," Giuliani added, "Some people disappoint you."

On McCain, he painted the changes in McCain's campaign as part of the ups and downs of the trail. "This is way too early for anybody to be written off," Giuliani said. "John McCain is a fighter."

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