Friday, July 27, 2007

TEAM RUDY: Wraps up the week

What a great week for our campaign. This week Rudy released the first three of many radio ads in Iowa and New Hampshire that highlight his proven record as a fiscal conservative by cutting taxes, welfare rolls and reining in government spending. More good news this week came in the form of a Washington Post/ABC News national poll which has Rudy leading his closest rival by 21 points. We're running a strong campaign and thanks to your generous support, we are able to continue taking Rudy's optimistic vision for America all across the country.

Team Rudy
Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee

In The News

Rudy Supports the King Amendment
Rudy Giuliani supports Rep. Peter King's Amendment to provide legal protection for responsible and alert citizens who report suspected terrorist activity.

Rudy Will Lead America Toward Energy Independence
As President, Rudy will move America toward energy independence. It will require setting goals, sticking to them and energizing the American people to achieve them. It will require expanding our reliance on a much more diverse range of energy sources that America can control.

Rudy Launches New Radio Ads in Iowa & New Hampshire
The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee announced this week it launched radio ads in New Hampshire and Iowa on Tuesday entitled: "Out of Control," "Will Do" and "Garbage Can."

Rudy Shows Commitment to Delaware
The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee announced that Misty Haungs has joined the growing campaign team in Delaware as the state political director based in Wilmington.

Rudy Announces More Endorsements in Iowa
The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee announced endorsements in Southeast Iowa. Following Mayor Giuliani's swing through Iowa last week, which concluded at a town hall meeting with hundreds of local voters in Davenport, Mayor Giuliani earned endorsements from several county chairs and co-chairs throughout the region.

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