Thursday, July 05, 2007

WSJ: Giuliani Support Hints at Shift Emphasis on Defense, Not Social Issues, Attracts Some Republicans


He is a pro-choice, thrice-married New Yorker. So why is Rudy Giuliani the leading presidential candidate in a Republican Party?

Don't look for the party to make a sudden leap to the middle... But Mr. Giuliani's lead in the polls...may hint at the declining clout of those voters and their issues within the Republican party, and perhaps a shift back toward a more libertarian emphasis.

If so, Mr. Giuliani's candidacy could be helping to redefine the Republican party, just as Ronald Reagan's did in 1980...

There are other reasons for Mr. Giuliani's lead... The war in Iraq and spending scandals in Washington focus on Mr. Giuliani's perceived strengths -- fiscally conservative and hawkish on national security...

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